Mission Statement

Smith Talks Tech has 3 primary goals:

1) To share info. I “take” a lot from the Internet and just think it’s good karma to give back. That might take the form of passing along info I learned elsewhere, or sharing solutions I come up with myself. Pretty simple.

2) To talk about ‘real life’ web development. Let me explain that a little.

I read a lot of articles and tutorials about web development and they all seem to have one thing in common: they’re written by folks who work at perfect companies.

The company I work for is not perfect. I don’t mean to knock it, but it’s a small firm with management that isn’t particularly technical. As a web developer pretty far down the org chart, I often am assigned to projects where I’m not making the decisions about what services or technology to use. I have to do the best I can with the resources I am given. Often my job is more about getting existing services to talk to each other rather than writing actual code.

I can’t imagine I’m not the only developer working for an imperfect company so I hope to share real-world examples of the projects I’m working on.

3) To be a kind of portfolio. When possible I want to share code. There comes a time in every developer’s life where they’re looking for work and it’ll be nice to be able to point to a list of projects here and say “This is what I’ve done.”