Fixing “OneDrive Cannot Connect to Windows” error

Recently I started having an issue with my Windows 10 laptop where I’d get the error “OneDrive Cannot Connect to Windows” after a restart. This disabled OneDrive’s “Files on Demand” feature which I lean on heavily given my laptop only has a 500 GB SSD.

Looking in the system logs, I saw this error:

Session "Cloud Files Diagnostic Event Listener" failed to start with the following error: 0xC0000022

Found it under Kernel-EventTracing.

The ‘band-aid’ fix for this is to open an elevated shell and run:

netsh int ip reset

Then restart. This would fix things until the next restart, which is nice but not ideal.

A longer term (though still not ideal) solution is to disable Fast Start: Settings -> System -> Power & Sleep -> Additional Power Settings -> Choose what the power buttons do -> disable “Turn on fast startup” under shutdown settings.

I am hoping that will be a permanent fix; will report back with results. This appears to be a bug introduced in a recent version of Windows 10 as I’ve seen a lot of talk about it recently.