ConEmu – a better Windows terminal experience

I’ve been working in terminals a lot lately. I decided a while back to learn Docker because I needed a better way to host all my dev sites than trying to cram them all onto one old PC running Linux, and Docker seems to be the ‘hot’ container system these days. Or one of them anyway.

I’ve got both Bash for Windows (the Ubuntu subsystem introduced a while back) and Git Bash on my machines and kind of bounce back and forth between them.

When I’m on a laptop I really prefer keyboard shortcuts to using the trackpad for stuff, but I couldn’t get simple stuff like Paste to work in Bash for Windows. I tried everything, CTRL-V, CTRL-SHIFT-V, SHIFT-INSERT, right-clicking.

Eventually I stumbled on the suggestion to just use ConEmu and it has solved all my problems and added some nice features like multiple tabs. It’s kind of a wrapper for other terminal programs so when you open a tab you can have it run Bash for Windows, or Git Bash, or Powershell, or even a Chocolately tab.

It’s free, works great. Ideally I would have preferred not to have to install something new but in this case it seemed like a worthwhile compromise.

I installed it from the site, but you can get it through Chocolately too:

choco install conemu